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Own projects

  • KWalletSync
    • Synchronizes your KWallet data between several computers

  • tcbuilder
    • Creates toolchains. Used for cubieboard and stm32 controller (campo)

  • qtsoap12
    • QtSoap changements for supporting SOAP 1.2. Webservices and Delaco.

  • instos
    • Simple gui letting the user set up a debian installation on an external disk or usb stick.

  • delaco
    • The "Description language compiler" is a "XSD" to "C++" compiler. WSDL support in progress.
  • kticker
    • Ticker for kde4 panel
  • Libmes
    • General purpose c++ library, with support for lists, xml, trees, logging and much more
  • svnlog
    • Can produce various human readable log files in html or text from svn repositories or bugzilla databases. You can create TODO lists or README files for example.
  • bigbrother
    • Track the amount of time you spend on spezial jobs or projects
  • MMT
    • Makefile templates. Its a framework for make based software projects thats goal is to replace automake
  • loc
    • simple code measurement tool. Its used in mmt for example to create projects statistic files
  • PAX
    • The server PAX in Kempten, Bavaria
  • PAX2
    • The PAX2 Network in Kempten, Bavaria (zaach aera)
  • Paba
  • dups3
    • Find duplicate files in big directorie trees. The main goal was to find duplicate pictures in a gallery database.
  • copymachine
    • simple gui to provide the interface of an copy machine. you need a sane scanner and a cups printer. The main goal was to have an copy machines interface on terminal based system.
  • protemp
    • handles software project templates. you can create a sample project and reproduce this sample with a different name. All file and class names will be adjusted.
  • deskspall
    • This is a curses based windowing system. not very completed but usable for simple applications like installers.
  • mts
    • Thin client system. Because the thin clients operation system is a regular debian installation this project "just" consists of some scipts and documentation.
  • mbs
    • A build server. It checks out software projects from subversion repositories or updates them and creates packages. There is also a webinterface for a download archive.
  • anix
    • Animates a single icon. you can let it jump or rotate for example and save it as an animatet png(mng). You may need this if you have to bring some "action" into a gui.
  • dokform
    • prepares the html output of doxygen to let it be includable in a openoffice document. Otherwise your images (class depency graphs) will be unviewable.
  • fm4getter
    • automatically download the "FM4 Tagebücher" from the server of "ORF". It will also cut off the intro and outro and recodes it.
  • scriptfilter
    • a gui that lets you join several pdf documents to a single one. The goal is to change the number of pages per sheet, the numbering and some more things to get a directly printable file. Changing these things with the printer driver did not work for me because at least the numbering was wrong. you have a preview page so you can verify that everything is ok.
  • tikibook
    • create a pdf book from an tiki database. The main goal is to get static documents from you tiki pages for people that can not use the tiki system or in the case they are just needed (companies).
  • takeoff
    • Simulates a flight. you probably are not interested in that.
  • Suwnica
    • Web interface for svn repositories. Unlike other svn web interfaces you are able to create repositories, see a whole tree of multiple svn repositories and much more.
  • dokspitter
    • A c++ library that lets an application fill out fields in openoffice documents. you can create whole diagramm in that way.
  • xmodule
    • C++ framework to create a input device driver in c++.
  • cornerplay
    • Relay simple media player based on xine. Its more an howto for writing an media player since its the most minimalistic thing possible.
  • treetab
    • create an html file that show a directory tree in a other way. The goal was to get a very large tree to a singe page by breaking the structure to 2 dimensions. Did not work prety good so it's on the graveyard now.
  • web09
  • gn-onsite
    • The web site of PAX, 2009
  • The Harts-Blog
  • Liten
    • Living thin client environment; application server(s) can go to sleep or be waken up depending on the demand of the thin clients. The main goal is to save power consumption by not needing the application servers to run all the time.
  • Hurd@PAX
    • I like the operation system hurd; it's a nice idea of abolishing the linux monolithic kernel.
  • Colibri
    • Want to run Toradex colibri with iris board as thin client.
  • STM32 Discovery
  • Cubie-Board
  • Buzal
  • gn-onsite


  • rifo, requdev, rechdev, liro

Foreign projects


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